I want to be a good writer

Writing has slowly become an essential part of my life. I remember the first time I started to write – my words had no meaning. I still struggle with making complete sense. I believe things would have been different if I wrote more. I have decided to write more.

Its hard sometimes. I try hard to make sense. I try to get the reader to understand what I want to say – and thats the hard part. Many times I dont end up saying exactly what I want to. I make silly mistakes. Words get missen, commas dont appear , ideas get scattered.

When I read my piece after writing effortlessly I always feel rushed. I barely take time to revise . I hit the “publish post” sign without caution. I usually blame it on the fact that I am lazy. But I guess its rather a habit I must learn to unlearn. 
I need to tell myself: Take 3min break ,everyday, after your last full stop. Come back. Read your piece to yourself loudly – ensure you said what you meant to say. And you said it like a wise man.

I want to write well. I want to be concise. I want to get my meesage across simply but precisely. 

I love to write – and I want to write well. Writing makes me happy.
I guess I just have to keep writing.


About SammyDelali

I am beginning to understand the radical role of little things. How the finishing touch to a product makes all the difference; how just telling your partner how much you love her can set you relationship on the right foot. I realize the way you even kiss a girl or the way you get kissed back can tell you all you need to know about the relationship; how a small group of people can make all the difference to successful selling . Little things, things we never paid attention to, seem to control bigger events in our life. Well my job here is to talk about those things I notice and how it affects our life.
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